International Biochar Initiative Educational Webinar Series:

Recording: Biochar's Debut on Blockchain Carbon Removal Markets

Originally Aired: June 9, 2020 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

In order to limit global warming below catastrophic levels, significant emission reductions are essential but by no means sufficient. We must capture and safely store billions of tons of CO2 over the next decades. To do that we need carbon sinks. Carbon sinks are fundamentally different to emission reductions. Scalable and readily available nature-based technologies are rare but include:

  • Carbon Forestry
  • Soil organic carbon
  • Biochar

Many carbon markets already exist that focused on emission reductions. However, few distinguish carbon sinks from emission reduction projects (e.g. renewable energy). In addition, existing schemes are often vague as far as the longevity of carbon sequestration. Measurability, verifiability of carbon credits is often weak and therefore may create a lack of trust. Many of the existing markets are currently oversupplied and require additionality which is relevant in the world of offsets, but not for negative emission technologies (NET). In contrast to other carbon markets, carbonfuture offers:

  • Only verifiable carbon sinks (no offsets for carbon reductions)
  • Carbon sink stability of more than 100 years
  • Guaranteed unalterable documentation and end-to-end auditability on the carbonfuture Blockchain

In the webinar co-founders Hannes Junginger and Andres Hoelzl will provide an overview of the carbonfuture platform and value chain. They will present the reward system for participants and the methodology of the underlying sink certification process for biochar.

Carbonfuture is an open platform for all participants that welcomes participation from biochar producers, brokers, end-users and those looking to neutralize their emissions.


Hannes Junginger Presenter

Hannes gained broad professional experience in Financial Engineering and Risk Management at various financial institutions. While at EY he managed consulting and audit projects for large global banks. At carbonfuture, he passionately devotes his professional expertise to climate protection.

Andreas Hoelzl Moderator

Trained as a Geologist, Andreas studied climate throughout geological timescales. He is the co-owner of one of the first zero emission houses in Germany. As part of his decade long work experience in the Software industry, he co-founded an award-winning travel app that was acquired by Apple. Living and working in Silicon Valley, he is connected throughout the tech and social impact scene.

Kathleen Draper Moderator

Kathleen is a member of the IBI Board and Chair of IBI's Information Hub. She is also the US Director of the Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence. The Institute is an open source network focusing on beneficial carbon sequestration strategies which simultaneously provide economic development opportunities both in the developed and developing world. She is an editor and writer for The Biochar Journal, sponsored by the Ithaka Institute. Kathleen also works with various different universities and individuals on projects that are investigating the use of biochar in cement and other building and packaging products to develop products with lower embodied carbon which can be made from locally available organic waste. She has written extensively about various topics related to biochar and is a co-author of the book "Terra Preta: How the World's Most Fertile Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change and Reduce World Hunger" and “BURN: Using Fire to Cool the Earth”.


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