International Biochar Initiative Educational Webinar Series:

Verified Carbon Removal by Smallholder Farmers

March 4, 2022, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM ET (Eastern Time - United States)

Smallholder farmers in the developing world have the capacity to contribute significantly to carbon removal efforts by converting crop residues, which today are often merely burned, into carbon sequestering biochar. With this capacity smallholder farmers in the developing world can tap into the fast-growing carbon removal markets, which will only motivate them to produce biochar and reduce in-field crop burning, as well as improve farmer livelihoods and enhance food security.

Warm Heart Worldwide in collaboration with the Ithaka Institute has piloted a solution to train farmers in biochar production and use, instituted a verification process and built a blockchain-enabled platform and smartphone app that provides end-to-end tracking and puts money directly into the farmer’s hands! 

This webinar will discuss the “C-Sink Tropical” program details and future plans for roll-out.


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Hans-Peter Schmidt Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence

Hans-Peter Schmidt has been a pioneer in the field of biochar since 2008. He has worked on all aspects of biochar including the creation of a wide variety of biochar production equipment, biochar production in high and low technology scenarios, application techniques, field trial design, biochar characterization, and biochar education (creator of the Ithaka Journal). In addition, Hans-Peter has designed and used biochar plaster as a building material and is working with researchers on its use in 3D printing. He has extensive experience working across Europe and has worked on developing world projects as well including Nepal, Bangladesh and Ghana.

Michael Shafer Warm Hearts Worldwide

Michael is the co-founder and director of Warm Heart Worldwide, a grassroots community development organization serving one of the poorest districts in northern Thailand as well as several rural communities throughout Africa. He spent 30 years teaching the international political economy of development and has consulted for USAID, the US State Department, the EU and others on issues of higher education reform (the Baltic States, Poland, Moldova, and Lebanon) and with direct or partnered grant support from East-East, Prudential, USIP and others on issues of community rebuilding (ex-Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, and South Africa). Since 2008, Warm Heart has grown dramatically and has transformed the lives of many people in small, rural areas. His specialties include small-scale biochar production and use by small holder farmers.

Jason Highberger

Jason is a successful serial entrepreneur and is a Board Trustee of Warm Heart Worldwide and CEO of Biochar Life, PBC, an impact venture by Warm Heart Worldwide that supports biochar-backed carbon removal via support and collaboration with smallholder farmers. Jason is a Board Director of the Mercu Learning Point Pte Ltd, a private education center that offers a comprehensive range of early childhood educational services and opportunities for children. He has been the CEO of Highberger Enterprises since 2003 which continues to support a wide range of companies and charities.

Kathleen Draper Moderator

Kathleen is the Board Chair of the International Biochar Initiative. She is also the US Director of the Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence. The Institute is an open source network focusing on beneficial carbon sequestration strategies which simultaneously provide economic development opportunities both in the developed and developing world. In 2020 she helped launch C-interest, a start-up focused on creating biochar based composite materials. She has written extensively about various topics related to biochar and is a co-author of the book "Terra Preta: How the World's Most Fertile Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change and Reduce World Hunger" and “BURN: Using Fire to Cool the Earth”.


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